From today (August 2nd 2020) all Linux VPS benchmarks will include GeekBench 5 scores.

What about the good ol GeekBench 4?
No worries, they aren't going anywhere. We will still continue to benchmark servers with GeekBench 4 and the results will be clearly marked on our vps overview and compare pages.

Will you eventually deprecate GeekBench 4?
There are no plans to do so anytime in the near future. We will reconsider our position on this on the release of GeekBench 6.

How is GeekBench 4 different from GeekBench 5?
MacWorld created a brief writeup on this here which I recommend giving a read.

As an example of how scores differ across the two versions, I've benchmarked my my personal workstation and included the scores below.

I'm currently using an XPS 9570 with an i5-8300H and 32GB of RAM.

GeekBench 4 Scores

Single-Core Score: 4735
Multi-Core Score: 14360

GeekBench 5 Scores

Single-Core Score: 950
Multi-Core Score: 3571

We hope this change makes VpsCritic more useful to you and assists you in making more informed decisions. Thanks!