Who we are

VpsCritic is the brainchild of Petronald Green as a permanent answer to the question. "Which VPS provider should I choose for my next project?"

VpsCritic aims to be the authoritative source for any developer or development team wishing to bootstrap a new project, or migrate their existing project to a more effective host.

In the interest of transparency, VpsCritic is currently hosted on DigitalOcean.

How it works

We use an automated script to benchmark servers using various tools such as sysbench, geekbench and unixbench. These results are then POSTed to our API endpoint on VpsCritic where the results are instantly published.

Furthermore, to ensure tests are unbiased:

  1. We always pay for the servers we use.
  2. We never inform the provider as to which account we're using for our benchmarks.
  3. We never give out exact information as to when those benchmarks will take place.

How we're funded

As one would expect, randomly buying servers from VPS Companies is a relatively expensive hobby. To keep the lights on VpsCritic allows the following:

  1. Providers pay a fixed fee to edit their 'Provider' description. This is clearly marked as sponsored.
  2. Providers pay to put tests/retests of their servers at the head of the line.
  3. Sponsorships - where we mark the provider as featured and place them at the top of our ever-growing provider list.