Who we are

VpsCritic is the brainchild of Petronald Green as a permanent answer to the question. "Which VPS server gives me the best bang for my buck?"

VpsCritic aims to be the authoritative source for the developer who wishes to select the most appropriate provider for their next project.

VpsCritic is owned by OPSGENIX INC and is currently hosted on Heroku.

How It Works

We use an automated script to benchmark servers and send the results to a given api endpoint. To ensure all tests are unbiased, we always pay for the servers we use and perform all tests ourselves.

How we make money

  We make money in 3 ways
   - Providers pay to place banners on the site (see sidebar).
   - Providers pay to edit their 'Provider' description.
   - Providers pay to put tests/retests of their servers at the head of the line.