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Independent and unbiased VPS performance testing.

What We Do

With the VPS landscape being increasingly flooded with new providers, VpsCritic strives to make it easier for developers and sysadmins to navigate through the market and find the best plan to suit their performance and budget needs.

We collect various metrics and perform benchmarks on VPS plans offered by industry leading providers. We rank them and present the results in an easily digestible format.

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Recommendation Engine

BETA Not sure where to start? Try our VPS recommendation wizard to automatically select the best vps provider and plan for your needs.


Once a year, we present awards to the providers who lead the pack in 4 different categories; Performance, Value, Reliability and Best Overall Host.

How it works

Read more about our methodology, how we benchmark and rank providers and plans, and how we pay the bills without compromising our integrity and impartiality.