TL;DR go AMD if you can.

With DigitalOcean introducing two new classes of CPUs we at VpsCritic couldn't wait to give them a shot. Over the next few days we'll test different instances but from our initial tests it looks like AMD is the way to go with a 20% lead in our GeekBench 4 and GeekBench 5 tests on the 1gb-1cpu instances, and a 10% lead on the 2gb-2cpu instances.

See our comparison of the 1GB 1CPU plans here:

See our comparison for the 2GB 2vCPU plans here:

With the above results it would appear that the AMD CPUs are a no-brainer, however as a reminder note that not all regions have avaliability of these new Premium AMD classes (see chart) so depending on where your servers are, you may be stuck with either the DigitalOcean Standard or DigitialOcean Premium Intel.

Thats it for now. We'll update this post with more information as it becomes available to us.